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In 1925, Vittorakis E. Eftychios started by opening a small grocery store in the main alley of the village. Over the years, Eftychios and his wife, Evangelia, moved to a larger place in the square of the village, where in difficult years, they were serving tens of villages with everything people needed to survive during those years.


Today, his son, Yiannis, and his wife, Sophia, warm, hospitable, honest, and hardworking people, continue their tradition for several years, along with their children, driven by their love and contribution to their homeland.


In 2016, they renovated and expanded their existing grocery store, by creating a wonderful additional section, with traditional Cretan and Greek products, putting back into our lives the flavoring treasures of mother earth, and the addition of scents and flavors in an amazing delicious journey.

We will be glad to assist you!

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